MOBIZ Technologies

Mobiz Technologies accompanies financial and secure transactions related companies in the evolution of their payment systems, acquiring and issuing network, using state of the art cutting edge new technologies in the payment and financial industry.

 Our company

As a leading cost-effective innovation and service company specialized in Secure Transactions for major industries such as Payment, Retail, Transportation and Digital Security, Mobiz Technologies is built on a core team of industry experts in NFC, Smart Card, Mobility and Embedded System and the unique concept of Mobiz Project Consultant, located in its R&D centers in South East Asia.
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 Our offer

From System Consulting and Training to firmware development and low level Validation following standards, Mobiz Technologies is the one-stop shop solutions for secure transactions products and services thanks to its unique synergy between know-how, low cost software development, validation and hardware capabilities.
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 Our expertise

To achieve these services, Mobiz Technologies has acquired expertise in payment, retail, transport and digital security.Thanks to this expertise, Mobiz Technologies can address almost all levels of requirements for the needs of these industries in the Secure Transaction area.

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 Our know-how

A pool of great talents and well trained engineers are specialized in NFC, Smart Cards, Mobility and embedded systems, at system and application level.

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 Mobiz News

Mobiz technologies announce that its new web site is now online.
It uses responsive technology to fit any kind of mobile devices and describes in an extensive way the expertise a...

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PARTNER NEWS: An 11-page white paper exploring five key reasons that retailers should deploy their own branded mobile wallet service is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre. ‘Five reasons retailers should have their own digital wallet’ has been produced by Rambus and provides insight into mobile wallet security, value added services, […]

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BBC News — “Imagine logging onto your bank account just by glancing at your phone. That’s what some TSB customers will be able to do from September when the bank introduces iris recognition to its mobile banking app… Customers will need the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 to use the new way of accessing their TSB […]

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Fortune — “Control Tower will allow Wells Fargo customers to track every place they’ve shared their payment information, whether it be via a device, mobile wallet, or online retailer… If their card expires or is re-issued, consumers can simply push the data for the new card out to retailers and mobile wallets through the Wells […]

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Mastercard — “Beginning this month, the company will broaden its solutions to offer QR codes that can be scanned by either consumers or merchants under a common set of global specifications… The company’s consumer-presented solution will allow the merchant to scan a QR code from a smartphone and process the payment through the Mastercard network. […]

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Techcrunch — “Amazon is today introducing a new feature called Amazon Pay Places, that allows customers to pay for in-store and order ahead shopping experiences using their Amazon app… Instead of using cash, check, credit or debit while shopping out in the real world, you can just use your Amazon account information. The first implementation […]

Read the rest of Amazon Pay Places lets you pay for real-world shopping using your Amazon info at NFC World.

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